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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Police State Exists in Ontario

In the latest installment of it's series looking into the Special Investigations Unit(SIU),the Star has obtained several hundred highly redacted copies of letters sent from the SIU to police forces throughout Ontario. These letters detail instances of police misconduct and request that the force in question look into these matters, all but a handful have been ignored. Here we have even more evidence that the cops believe themselves above the law,sadly, they are.

When the police answer to no one but themselves then a society cannot truly call itself free, for a police state is inherently oppressive by it's very nature.  The G20 was but one example of what happens when we let the police do as they wish(or should I say as the elite wish). Dissent has been criminalized in this country we are no longer allowed  to take to the streets to peacefully express our views about society, hell we are not even allowed to meet with others to discuss these views without fear of infiltration by agents of the state and/or  of "preventative" arrest, as many found out on the eve of the G20. We ignore this rising tide of state oppression at our own peril.

* On a related note, on Friday Feb 25th @9pm, CBC's the Fifth Estate will be airing a program on the G20 police riots, titled, You Should Have Stayed At Home
G20: The Untold Stories:
h/t Politics and its Discontents

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