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Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Might Be Living In a Fascist State When...

The military digs up dirt against an opposition MP to help provide cover for the government

A spokesman for MacKay said in a statement that finding out information about Simms’ Cormorant flight was “relevant” because the debate in the Commons was focused on parliamentarians use of military aircraft.
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  1. hi Kev...the military helps them smear an opponent, the Ottawa Citizen helped them track Vikileaks, they want to read our e-mails.

    Definitely fascist, and totally pathetic...

    Another senior air force official, Maj. Jay Nelles, thanked staff in Newfoundland for retrieving the information so quickly, noting that the urgent request for information gave them “a taste of life in Ottawa!!”

    Gawd. Talk about degrading our military. They lost the war in Afghanistan, isn't that painful enough?

  2. Hi Simon That is one damning list yet it barely scratches the surface of what we know, this however for me is the most chilling yet. For the first time I can honestly say I am afraid.