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Friday, August 3, 2012


They think us fools or perhaps they have become so confident of victory they no longer feel the need to even try, in which case we must prove them the fools.

The president of Calgary-based Enbridge says in a statement issued today the company has the largest and most complex liquids pipeline system in the world -- a system it operates with a 99.999 per cent safety record.

Of course the truth paints a much different picture.

 According to Enbridge’s own reports, between 1999 and 2010, they have been responsible for at least 800 spills that have released close to seven million gallons of heavy crude oil into the environment That's an average of more than seventy spills a year.


  1. The Enbridge NG website says it is 99.99% of oil shipped in 2010 was unspilled. We did the math showing that a .01% spill rate actually equals 4,750,000 Canadians gallons of oil spilled in one year.
    Enbridge would now like to change it to a 99.999% unspilled oil or a .001% spill rate which equals 475,000 Canadians gallons spilled per year.
    Who isn't tired of them fudging up bogus numbers/statistics? The truth is they spill too much & dilbit is not a cleanable spill and this project is completely unsuitable for mountainous, earthquake prone, river filled, pristine ecosystem rich BC.

    1. Thanks for the context I was involved in a conversation on Twitter where we were try to figure out just what the 99.999% number actually meant.

  2. Math is based on Enbridge Claim: "In 2010 Enbridge safely transported 950 million barrels of hydrocarbons with a safety record better than 99.99%. That’s a powerful demonstration of our commitment to safety."

  3. 806 oil spills to their record. 806-oil-spill-Enbridge admitted to the Northern Gateway Review Panel they can't clean up their bitumen tar sands oil spills. Their response is not even for bitumen. In the US they avoid paying oil spill insurance because this highly toxic chemical slew is "not even oil". They knew of the compromised Kalamazoo line for years. The coverup and devastation is catastrophic.
    I've been following these pipe-dreams since they started threatening BC. Only the Keystone coverage made the world aware of wheat is happening to our boreal forest.
    Compiling data, petitions and links to my blog:
    ..another spill, more fed. back door dealings.. must update.. hard to keep up on these dirty deals.

    Click to protect BC from 806-Oil-Spill-Enbridge! Only a couple hours left to get your statements into the Northern Gateway Review Panel. Last Chance to Have Your Voice Heard!