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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rot In Hell, Scumbag!

Mark Ciavarella,one of the two Pennsylvania judges who have been accused of receiving kickbacks from privately owned juvenile detention centres for sending innocent kids to their prisons, has been convicted on racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, honest services mail fraud, money laundering conspiracy and a host of tax fraud charges. The former judge was, however, cleared of extortion, bribery and honest services wire fraud charges.

The former judge faces a maximum sentence of 157 years in prison. While it is a good thing that he will likely go to prison for a considerable time, I have to ask why he was only charged with property offenses, where are the charges of kidnapping, unlawful detention, civil rights abuses and murder. It appears that the state is more concerned with it's own victimization than that of innocent children.

In this video, the mother of one of the true victims in this case, whose son committed suicide while incarcerated, confronts Ciavarella as he leaves the courthouse. I feel that I should forewarn you that this is extremely raw stuff,however it brings into focus the true impact of the crimes committed against these children and their families.

Updated video-including interview with mom

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