From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Traitorist Bastard

Treason"...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]."

Is treason too strong a term for what Harper has planned for Canada with his Integrated border sell out on behalf of his Corporate masters? Clearly I don't feel that it is,for there is no other perhaps milder term  that accurately describes his betrayal of our country and it's people, at least none that I can think of.

“We have different standards than Americans on these questions. We have a right to do so,”. “If we get into a perimeter security deal that weakens Canadian society, we may end up betraying Canadian values.” Michael Ignatieff

We will come up on the short end of this deal we always do, for the Americans will never enter into any agreement in which they are not the clear winners (softwood lumber) or can't game the system by ignoring the rules(NAFTA). Plus no matter how much of ourselves that we surrender they will always want more and more.

“We just don’t trust Harper to go and negotiate on behalf of our country alone and that’s why we smell a rat here,” he said. “We just don’t trust this government to be on the right side of defending our resources, our border communities and our privacy.” Paul Dewar

Make no mistake about it, this betrayal in nothing less than the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) rebranded in yet another attempt to sneak into existance the ruling elites vision of one world government. They will not stop trying to create their hellish notion of nirvana. Thus far they have only been partially successful in attaining their goals mostly because what they wish for society is so obviously unjust that we usually push back,causing them to step back only to regroup in order to try again.

The elite will never give up their dream of a world that belongs to them and only them, with the rest of us only permitted to exist in order to serve their wants and needs. As such we must be ever vigilant and dogged in our resistance to their efforts to subjugate an entire planet.


  1. Great post. Upon hearing Harpo's words yesterday I was revisited by yet another vicious case of situational tourettes that left me spouting seemingly non-sequitur "F bombs" and other profane dillies that would have driven the the saltiest sailor to seek cover. You have stated the case against this development much better than I could... thanks.

  2. Morning Fat Arse,
    You did better than me as I
    was literally left shaking in anger,unable to verbalize even the simplest of epithets.