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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Don’t Be That Guy

Rape is a man's issue, say Halifax Police and I couldn't agree more.

The HRP’s victims services coordinator, Veronica Singer;
Men's violence needs to be challenged at its roots, as the social norms in our culture state it's okay for men to objectify and denigrate women, even if it's a joke. Misogynistic views of women are often perceived as normal by men and many men prefer not to confront male peers and blame it on individual factors like ‘he drank too much,’ or ‘boys will be boys.’ How many more survivor stories do we have to hear before we realize that violence against women isn't caused by women, and that it won't be stopped by focusing on what women can do to change their lives? For us to move forward on violence against women, the involvement of men must become central. 

Yes even those of us who would never contemplate behaving violently towards a woman,must as men confront our own actions or inaction and become more proactive in speaking out. We have placed far too much of the onus on women, it is time that we accepted our share.

h/t  @PopeShakey


  1. Thanks for this, Kev. It's great.

    "Misogynistic views of women are often perceived as normal by men"

    I've also come to understand that homophobia is also a factor. Boys and young men need to prove their masculinity and their heterosexuality, often at women's expense.

    Boys have to learn that becoming a man doesn't have to mean dominating others.

    Anyway... thanks. :)

  2. Hi Laura, yes homophobia plays a huge role, many fearing being labeled as gay choose to play along