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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Holy CARP!

The Canadian Association of Retired persons does a lot of internal polling and given their demographic it is no surprise that the Conservatives usually come out on top,typically polling around 50%. Well it appears as vice president for advocacy  Susan Eng puts it,that there has been a sea change with the NDP now out polling the Conservatives 39% to 31%. When I first saw these numbers my immediate reaction was to assume this was because of the changes to OAS, while this has had an effect it turns out that Bill  C-38 has had a much larger effect.

And in a development CARP called a “political game-changer,” the Harper government’s use of an omnibus budget bill to rewrite dozens of laws has prompted intense opposition from seniors.
“The vast majority (85 per cent) of CARP members reject the bundling of so many issues within Bill C-38, and as many as three quarters express their opinion in the strongest terms,” the group said.

 The strength and speed of the rejection of the omnibus (budget) bill is actually greater than their opposition to the OAS changes themselves for which there was still a core group of supporters (25 per cent) who said they would vote with the government regardless and/or accepted the government’s arguments,” CARP said. “This speaks to the strong support that CARP members have for our parliamentary processes and institutions that matter, if possible, even more than their concern for the social safety net."

Well colour me pleasantly surprised, outside of Alberta this is the Cons largest and most loyal base, if they have lost the seniors and can't recover their support than the NDP truly does have a chance to form the next government. First though they must move to shore up this new found support among a group that traditionally placed them in third place.


  1. I'm profoundly pleased with this poll result. As someone who falls within CARP's demographic, I have often chafed at the thought of being included in this stereotype; as peope who had a pretty good run, I think it is crucial that we remember our obligations both to democracy and forthcoming generations.

  2. as peope who had a pretty good run, I think it is crucial that we remember our obligations both to democracy and forthcoming generations.

    While I'm not quite in that demographic yet I too feel I owe future generations the same or better opportunities than I had.

  3. Canadian elders were identified as the key voter demographic that needed to be suppressed and defrauded, or manipulated and 'groomed' in the 2011 federal election. The Harper Government hired American electoral consultants/specialists as well as similar Canadian electoral entities to ensure live call, robo call and door to door tactics were unleashed based on their extensive data base on individual voters. Age, address, voting preference, banking/credit information, marital status, email address etc all included of course.

    Examine for yourself how The Harper Government is using their majority position now.. and whether they are indeed 'accountable', 'responsible' or 'transparent' to the people that ostensibly elected them as a majority. They are now stripping the environment of any protection, have allowed over 70% of the Alberta tar sands to be owned by foreign entities, they ignore or violate or prorogue any parliamentary law or tradition that impedes or displeases them, are looking for a suitable war that might require or validate F35 aircraft purchases, and are revising or reneging on the Canada Pension Plan. That's just in the 1st year of this majority government. And they want to be able to watch your internet/email use and listen to your phone calls.

    Oh yes.. and The Government of Canada has been formally renamed as The Harper Government ... and prefers to withdraw into Parliamentary secrecy during policy committees via 'in camera' status so that no record of discussions or decisions will exist.. or any observers be allowed.

    It seems that approx 90 or more of our elected federal MP's and a majority of federal cabinet ministers are either evangelical in their political and religious convictions and/or were part of Stephen Harper's Canadian Alliance Party. Again, this unusual governing body was elected via unusual 'American Style' election tactics conducted across Canada which are now under protracted investigation by Elections Canada.

    Mr. Harper said it best .. 'You won't recognize Canada when I'm finished with it'