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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A cold hard calculation

Firstly let me just say that Chief Theresa Spence is a brave,inspirational and principled leader unfortunately for Chief Spence, Stephen Harper is nothing of a sort. There has been much debate as to when Harper will meet with Chief Spence or if he will even meet with her at all, I fall into the latter camp.

Harper is all about the cold hard calculation and unless he sees his stance harm his numbers within his rock solid base of 35% to 38% popular support he will not deign to lower himself to meet with Chief Spence. He likely has little to fear in that regard as witnessed by the evil vile racist comments his supporters have unleashed on  Chief Spence and all  the aboriginal people of Canada. He may not even worry if he sees a small drop in support believing the next election is far off in the distance,  a distance far enough away that he can recuperate that support and why wouldn't he, that has been the case every time his party's support has taken a hit.

As is typical with Harper,  Chief Spence's well being does not enter in to the equation, if it did he would have already met with her knowing full well every day he sloughs her off increases the risk of her suffering permanent damage to her health. I'd love to say this display of arrogance and indifference would be Harper's Waterloo but that would likely require Chief Spence's death and I don't wish for that to happen.

If I could talk to Chief Spence personally I would plead with her to give up her hunger strike. While her's and her peoples cause is a just one her community has seen enough death and suffering. Our Aboriginal communities have the highest infant mortality,diabetes, incarceration, substance abuse, and suicide rates in the country, this is the legacy of our ill treatment of our First Nations peoples throughout our colonialist history. A brave and honourable woman shouldn't have to die for us to realise this and set down the path of atonement and reconciliation.


  1. The challenge laid down by Chief Theresa Spence was/is very heavy ...
    She deals and lives in a real world of pain and consequence..
    Not at all uplifting or inspiring .. far from it

    The lightweight Harper covenant cannot dream of lifting such weight..
    They float in a faux contrived majority, frothy comfy world of denial

    1. Well said as always, her plight shall weigh heavily on me as I sit down with my family, if only that were true of our PM with the heart many sizes too small

  2. The Harper Regime is fixated on diversity killing their precious Christian holiday Christmas but what they fail to realize is that the majority of Canadians in all their diversity have a better sense of what the holiday is all about and take heart in participating: goodwill and peace to humankind. And that aspect is completely lost on a narcissistic sociopath like Harper.

    Chief Theresa Spence deserves so much better than this. It's time Buckingham Palace intervened on her behalf.

    In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your Christmas holidays with your family and friends, Kev.

    1. So true on the diversity front, we have 500 people at work and it seems nearly as many cultures. Sharing in those cultures and learning about each other is an amazing experience, one which the Cons will never know with their closed minds and heart.

      Have a joyous Christmas and a wonderful new year Beijing