From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Monday, January 7, 2013

O Canada True North Strong and Free hate

I am finding it increasingly difficult to read the papers lately, way too much hate being spewed, and no I'm not talking about the comment boards which have been cauldrons of hate for some time now.  I'm talking about columnists and not just minor ones either but the supposed cream of the crop, the elite of Canadian media.

What has peaked their ire?, why another grassroots movement similar to Occupy, one which they simultaneously fear and don't or refuse to understand  Yes #IdleNoMore,  like Occupy has them reaching for their keyboards to denigrate and spew venom. What makes their all too predictable reaction  different this time is the racial component to their diatribes.

It has been beyond ugly but I guess that's to be expected when "those people" rise up to challenge and threaten their world of white privilege. As distasteful as this mostly racist and hateful attack on a pure exercise of democratic dissent has been, we could possibly view it as a good thing on two fronts. We now know clearly who they are at their core and whose side they are on plus it surely is a sign of just how effective #IdleNoMore and Chief Spence's hunger strike has been and continues to be.

They see this movement exploding not only among the Indigenous community but in Canadian society as  a whole. as many see their own struggles and concerns in #IdleNoMore's cry for justice and equality. We must seize this opportunity to band together in the struggle not only for a more just and equal Canada but to counter this state sponsored orgy of hate, yes state sponsored, Anyone who thinks this is otherwise is willfully blind. Nations who have ignored or refused to rise to counter the state when it behaves like this have invariably descended into violence.

So that is our challenge folks, we either rise up in support of our Indigenous sisters and brothers  or we risk sliding into a nation of hatred and social impoverishment for some time to come. We owe it to ourselves and indeed all residents of this beautiful land to choose the former, I know which side I choose thus stand in solidarity with  #IdleNoMore, Chief Spence and all their hopes and aspirations.


  1. hi true. I have to admit that the crude bigotry I see everywhere these days makes me want to vomit. It's so vulgar, so contemptuous, so very very small. I read an article the other day by Michael Valpy that talked about how we are becoming old and cranky. Oh boy are we ever...

    1. Yes Simon We live in a time of carefully crafted fear and sadly many are misdirecting that fear towards those they should be standing along side,however we are legion and will prevail

  2. They deserve all the contempt we can muster