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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Of political stunts

I find myself in the odd and highly discomforting position of agreeing with Harper on Trudeau's Senate gambit, I see nothing here but a cheap stunt that changes nothing.

This from Senate opposition leader James Cowan sums it up,

“We are the Senate Liberal caucus and I will remain the leader of the opposition and we will remain the official opposition in the Senate,” said Nova Scotia Sen. James Cowan, who had been Liberal Senate Leader. “I’m not a former Liberal senator,” Cowan added. “I’m a Liberal.”
So tell me how anything has changed. Does anyone think these newly "independant" senators will do anything to harm the Liberal brand, does anyone truly believe they will oppose Liberal party policy, I certainly don't.

I had two questions for Liberals today after many took to twitter to proclaim their joy at having been "set free"  thus will be in a position to better serve Canadians, neither of which was answered.

The first is why if you are happy to be set free didn't you leave caucus on your own accord and secondly if you are now in a position to better serve us doesn't that mean that in the past you put party before country, well we already know the answer to that one but it would have been nice to hear them say it, and if not what has changed.

Of course nothing of consequence has changed at all, these newly independent Senators say they will continue to campaign and fund raise for the party contrary to what Trudeau said in making his announcement. They may no longer have a seat at caucus but it would be naive to believe they will not be consulted and kept in the loop.
The Liberals under Trudeau seem content to be a party of gimmickry and sadly thus far it seems to be working for them.  .

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