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Saturday, April 16, 2016

#CETA and the #ISDS "Club"

The video below from the Council of Canadians (CoC) while directed at the EU is also a must watch for Canadians. It delves into Canada's history and the effects NAFTA's Chapter 11 (ISDS) has had on us and what the EU can expect if The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is ratified.

CETA has the potential to be even more devastating than any other so called trade agreement Canada has signed to date. except perhaps the TPP which has recently been signed but not yet ratified by the Trudeau government. as for the first time locks the provinces and municipalities into a trade agreement.

Why would the CoC direct their message at the EU and not here at home? Well simply put there is a far better chance of seeing CETA defeated there. Opposition to ISDS is fierce over there particularly in Germany and France. Here in Canada not so much.

We Canadians are generally an apathetic bunch ill served by a media totally enthralled by neo-liberalism. Couple that with the Liberal government's unyielding support for "free trade" in all its forms and CETA is a virtual lock to pass into law here.

Here is Trudeau while in opposition reacting to the agreement in principle of the CETA.

“We are broadly supportive of CETA, though we have yet to see its details, as this is only an agreement in principle. However, CETA stands to remove trade barriers, widely expand free trade between Canada and the European Union, and increase opportunity for the middle class.
“Canadians from all political parties, all orders of government and the public service have played major roles in this achievement. We congratulate them on their hard work.
In this statement he also called for a broad debate on the CETA but once assuming office almost immediately instructed his trade minister to implement the CETA sans any public debate at all.

It's frighteningly sad that we must rely on foreigners to save us from these ruinous agreements and not our own voices here at home

Oh and the "Club" that is what those who make a fortune adjudicating ISDS suits call themselves.


  1. So CETA and TPP are progressive. Who knew! And that lefty Trudeau even loosened temporary foreign workers. It's a wonderful life. So glad my Canada is back.

  2. Great post.
    Re relying on foreigners....
    Some years ago I was looking for Canadian challenges to CETA at the EU Trade Commission. I found one lone Irish MEP, Joe Higgins, asking those questions *on our behalf* in March 2010:

    1. Sadly the neoliberal consensus within our media and political classes is perhaps the most complete of any nation on earth