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Sunday, August 28, 2016


I didn't think I'd ever blog again especially with Harper as the subject matter, but here goes

Much has been written and said about Harper's retirement from electoral politics, with many recounting their favourite worst Harper moment. There is much to choose from.

While the list is a long one Harper's legacy boils down to one thing, Canada is a meaner place because of him. He and his party are not the sole authors of this new meaner Canada, in some respects we were willing accomplices.

Yes a weak and ineffectual opposition aided him in this project but in the end he kept being returned to power, aided by a broken electoral system, hamstrung oversight and a compliant media as enthralled by neoliberal theology as he is.

Don't think we in general supported much of Harper's agenda outside of the exhortation to hate? just look at the support the new government has despite championing many of the same policies we ostensibly detest Harper for.

Yes some of that support can be attributed to a "Great Shaking Off" ( this is no ordinary political honeymoon) but it can't be solely attributed to such. While we revel in the new tone it seems that for many Canadians that is all they wanted, the same neoliberal policies just wrapped in a sunnier package.

While Canada is indeed a tad less mean today than it was a year ago the deeper you scratch the surface the less change you see.

As I've said often merely ridding ourselves of Harper cannot be the end goal, real change has to come from us pushing and agitating for it by pressuring every government regardless of political stripe to do better.

That is if we truly desire real change instead of merely rearranging the furniture.

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  1. Meet the new boss, just like the old boss. Trudeau's neoliberal policies are going to be more pervasive then Harpers.

    Worst yet is that Canadians have not yet caught on to this. Trudeau is as anti-democratic as Harper was.

    Analyzing a prime ministers policies is the DNA that defines his identity and from where I'm sitting, Trudeau is a Neoliberal/American Imperial follower who is quite prepared to destroy Canadian sovereignty to support the corporate and military elite.