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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Twitter Killed the Blogging Star

First off I want to thank the folks at DJ for all the amazing work they have done over the years you are an inspiration to many of us.

I have kept my blog open because I keep telling myself that I will start writing again but the truth is that I get all the detritus roiling around in my head out on Twitter. I also find that my writing has been infected by the shortcuts the old 140 character limit forced on us.

Also lost along the way was the motivation to do the necessary research required to write credibly on any subject. Bloggers have only one currency and that is their credibility, without that you merely end up shouting into the wind.

We were a community there for each other, correcting each other when required or adding to to our knowledge of a topic, often writing on the same issue from different perspectives. Blogging opened up my world and lifelong friendships have been forged in the process and while the same can be said of twitter the depth of the relationships forged through blogging is just not there.

In the end we were able to go from oh you're just a blogger to in many instances having the media steal our work. Many legacy media outlets eventually started calling their own opinion writers bloggers in an attempt to appropriate the culture we had established.

The blogging community broke many stories, changed the narrative on many others and added depth to the debate, in the process opening some eyes to the truth of what this world has become. In the end though change comes, twitter and facebook will wither away as well with something new replacing them but the blogging community will always be closest to my heart 


  1. Sad, isn't it? We miss it and yet are too lazy to try to keep it up. Well, some people aren't too lazy, but they seem increasingly lonely to me.

  2. I don't know if it is laziness but a lack of motivation to put in the work.... oh ok lazy it is

  3. Like it, hate it or just plain struggling to understand it, Twitter has made a huge impact across a wide range of fields. We use it fairly heavily internally for simulated water-cooler chatter and quick link-exchange. (like any piece of sp-geek-over-engineering we also have a tweet-bot to convert tweets to emails, and convert blog notifications to tweets). It’s pretty clear though, that once we started tweeting internally, people started blogging less. There’s something liberating about saying “here’s a link”, as opposed to taking the time to formulate your thoughts into a full blown posting.
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