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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Census, Another reason Why the Cons Will Trigger An Early Spring Election

With Canadians starting to receive their short form census packages beginning May 2nd and the new voluntary National Household Survey arriving in the mailboxes of 4.5 million households a month later,the controversy over one of the Conservatives most embarrassing blunders is sure to re-ignite.

Clearly the middle of an election campaign would be the worst possible time for this to occur.Even if they could hold out to the fall the census issue will still be fresh in the minds of voters as the media is sure to focus heavily on this story, interviewing scores of people who received the National Household Survey. Polls trying to gauge the participation rate will be rife and Clement's weak assed defense of this nonsensical decision will be revisited along with I'm sure new lame attempts at justification.

So given that the Conservatives cannot afford to take the chance of being on the election trail in May or perhaps even in the fall and given Harper's pathological need for control an election in the early spring seems to me the most likely bet.

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