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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Punditocracy Not here for you

If there was ever any doubt, their reaction to the result of the Ontario election should erase it once and for all.

The Punditocracy, lovers of neo-liberalism that they are, have their shorts tied in knots because Ontarians had the temerity not to follow them down the path of austerity and privatisation, although many who voted Liberal will soon find out that is just what they'll get from Wynne and company.

Some have gone so far as to label Ontarians as cowards and fools for shying away from making the tough choices the Punditocracy has declared necessary, when in fact it is the Punditocracy that is unable to face up to reality.

The economic and social philosophies that they hold so dear have been thoroughly repudiated by the evidence before us, yet they cling to these beliefs with ferocity, dismissing those that point this out as idiots and trolls. Luckily the general public is beginning to see through the neo-liberal charade.

This doesn't make us cowards or fools, instead it shows us to be aware of the fact we have been sold a bill of goods these past decades. We may not have the answers yet but we do know neo-liberal austerity and privatisation are not among them.


  1. askingtherightquestionsJune 15, 2014 at 4:17 PM

    Great post! Isn't it interesting to also note how many pundits blame the effect of the "attack ads" for Hudak's poor showing versus his actual platform!! I give Mr. Hudak credit for being fairly clear about communicating his plans for Ontario during the election compared to his mentor Harris or Harper federally. Some even disputed the mean fact that he was labelled "Tea Party Tim". Imagine, just because he sought (and presumably paid for) the consultations of Mr. Zychner and openly called for "right to work" legislation in Ontario (before his caucus had a melt down) shouldn't lead to such a characterization.

  2. On the surface Hudak did appear to be open about his party's policies, however I doubt they had given up on right to work The merely decided to stop talking about it. His caucus wasn't opposed to the policy itself only that it hurt their electability

  3. Agree completely. And, once again, the 2 national papers go for the Cons. We are in a plutocracy. And the plutocrats like their money right were it is.