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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ford to Students, Seniors and the Poor-Pay up Suckers

In one of his first acts as mayor Ford eliminated the 60 dollar vehicle registration fee,fair enough, this was a central plank in his campaign. The question has always been how will he pay for this given his commitment to balancing the budget while simultaneously freezing taxes.

The answer apparently is make those who can least afford it pay. By raising TTC fares by 10 cents, which coincidentally equals out on average to 60 dollars a year he has continued the conservative habit of shifting the tax burden from those that make up the upper ranks to those of the lower ranks of taxpayers

To compound the harm even further the TTC will also be  eliminating some routes and cutting back service on others. This at a time when we should be expanding service and not just for environmental reasons. There are many who think that not only is this a great idea but also that the transit riders should pay 100% of the cost of running the system.

I say to  them ARE YOU INSANE. Destroy the TTC and watch your commute time double or worse. Plus killing the TTC will kill the city as businesses will flee Toronto in droves as their employees will not be able to get to work,supplys will be late in arriving causing production slow downs and their customers will leave for suppliers located elsewhere.
Oh and  about not raising taxes, well besides the fare increase he will be raising fees by approx. 23 million a year.

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