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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't Worry Be Happy, Apparently God Has A Plan

I came across this comment on a thread discussing rising sea levels and it's effects on the island nations of the South Pacific.

yes it is part of how God has planned his return from the very begining of creation. For those who read the Bible and know the times we live in these natural disasters do not bring dispair but we understand that redemption is near. We do worry about the souls that still have a chance to know Jesus and accept him as his savior before is too late. Is NOT about religion, is about SALVATION.

So no compassion  for the people of these nations who through no fault of their own are seeing the only homes they have ever known disappear ,ripping apart families and destroying cultures that are thousands of years old.

And yet these self-righteous pricks have the gall to accuse Atheists of having no moral centre

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