From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Sunday, February 20, 2011

On Wisconsin!

Democracy's breaking out all over,who wudda thunk it. The workers protest in Wisconsin just keeps growing day by day with an estimated 80,000 people taking to the streets of Madison on Saturday.

Mahlon Mitchell, the president of the Wisconsin Professional Firefighters Association, which has been a high-profile participant in the demonstrations, surveyed the crowd while recounting Walker’s boast about the 19,000 emails.
“I think I have 19,000 people behind me,” said Mitchell.
Pointing to one edge of the massive audience arrayed before him, he said: “And 20,000 there.”
He pointed to the other edge of the crowd: “And 20,000 there.”
Finally, he pointed down State Street, the thoroughfare that stretches from the Capitol to the University of Wisconsin campus, which was packed with students who have backed the unions: “And 20,000 there.”

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protest from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now


  1. What do you think of all these teachers calling in sick to go against the wishes of the people of Wisconsin and their elected leader? Or the Democratic party legislators high-tailing it out of state to avoid their duties?

    They should have a little more respect for the wishes of the people and their duly elected representative. Don't you think?

    After all, as someone once said, "Society must take every means at its disposal to defend itself against the emergence of a parallel power which defies the elected power."

  2. I think it's fantastic to see people exercising their democratic right to protest.

    If you want to talk about respect, what about calling a vote for a certain time ,only to hold the vote earlier before your opposition arrives,as the Republicans did, I certainly wouldn't call that respect for the voting public.

    As for "Society must take every means at its disposal to defend itself against the emergence of a parallel power which defies the elected power."

    The Koch brothers are just that parallel power,donating 100,000 to Walkers campaign and spending another 2,400,000 on ads and mail outs attacking his opponent.

  3. You didn't answer the question, O erector of straw men, O dragger of red herrings. What democratic rights are the teechurs exercising and what democratic rights are they trampling?

    How do you feel about the Tea Party and their effect on the last US election? Were their protests equally "fantastic"?