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Monday, December 17, 2012

Just Watch Me

I stumbled upon this video tonight of Trudeau uttering his infamous "Just watch me " line in reference to how far he was prepared to go in curtailing civil liberties in response to the kidnappings of Quebec labour minister Pierre Laporte who was later found dead and British Trade Commissioner James Cross. I was too young at the time to appreciate all the implications of Trudeau's invocation of the War Measures Act, however today I would see it as an unnecessary and dangerous overreaction, but then hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it.

What struck me about this video is that at a time of great uncertainty and potential danger Trudeau did not arrive in a convoy of armoured vehicles surrounded by armed guards, instead he strolled up the front steps of Parliament and engaged the awaiting media.  Contrasting that with what we see today certainly highlights how far we've fallen in terms of openness and communication from our leaders.


  1. I was in high school at the time, and we debated his actions in history class for several days. Almost no one thought he went too far, and we lived as far away from the issues related to separatism as one could possibly get.

    1. Yes that is often overlooked now but his response was indeed widely supported at the time. You also hit on something else that is important. You debated this in school, that is something we did often in those days. Today a teacher would be taking a great risk engaging her/his class in that regard.

    2. Indeed, that is correct, Kev. Given the current crop of school administrators more interested in their career trajectory than having their teachers inculcate critical thinking skills, political discussions have become largely off-limits.

    3. Yes indeed Lorne. My high school history teacher would often bring in several newspapers to highlight how an issue can be viewed in different ways then we'd spend the rest of the period discussing the issues of the day. Learning in this way was fun and interesting.

  2. As a kid at the time, I lived adjacent to the Trans-Canada highway (17). I remember waking up one night to the sound of tanks rolling down the highway from Camp Petawawa to Ottawa. The tank track marks were visible on the highway asphalt the next day, and remained visible for months. It was a surreal, but interesting time for a Canadian kid.

    1. Stumbling across that vid has awakened so many memories of that time and yeah it was an interesting time for sure.

  3. "Contrasting that with what we see today certainly highlights how far we've fallen in terms of openness and communication from our leaders."

    Lol, nothing as really changed. Still to this day Canadians only listens when the talking heads mumble words that are recognizable or comprehensible to it's level of political knowledge - guns, thanks, soldier, civil unrest, money, sovereignty, vive le Québec Libre - of which barely covers the fundamentals. It's not at all surprising considering that the groupthink mass are politically ignorant.

    For example.: Many Canadians blame Harper and his Government for our recent lost of sovereignty. The groupthink mass bitches and complains about how Canada as become a Global Governance lap dog that obeys the Global regime's every word. How hypocritical of Canadians to pass such judgement with out ever even giving it a second taught or even doing some in depth analysis of the game that's being played. Clearly Canadians are ignorant of the facts.

    For decades Liberal puppets such as Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Jean Chretien and Paul Martin have rolled out the red carpet for the global governance terrorist to impose their limited views on our freedoms and rights, our nationhood and sovereignty. forever changing the Canadian political landscape and undermining how future leaders are to lead, holding them accountable to the rules of the game set up by the Global Governance regime. Harper doesn't make the rules, he follows them.

    As former Globalist, Québec Liberal dean Claude Ryan once told me: 'Keeping the mass ignorant of the facts makes it easier for us to control them', a statement that as rang true in the political underbelly for decades.'How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think'
    Adolf Hitler.

    The rise of Justin Trudeau and his team of Globalist minions again demonstrates just how simple minded the groupthink mass really are. To think that Canadians are willing without any doubts, many with conviction, ready to elect uneducated, illiterate, dumb as a doorbell, Global Governance fool, UNPA member Justin Trudeau and his team of Neo-Socialist, one world government minions to the highest echelons of Canadian political powers; well... scares the living day lights out of me.

    Nothing as really changed, talking heads still talk and the nations they administer are still politically ignorant.

    Global Governance - Justin Trudeau's pink coloured glasses