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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gestation Crates: And They Call The Seal Hunt Barbaric

“Gestation crates” are metal stalls measuring approximately 0.7 m by 2m, barely larger than a sow. This crate is specifically designed to severely restrict a sow’s movement.

The use of gestation crates in the pork industry (you certainly can't call this farming) is one of the most barbaric practices among the many such atrocities that are perpetrated in the name of bringing meat to our table. It's too bad for these poor creatures that they aren't as cute and cuddly as seals.

Pigs are intelligent,social,curious creatures who engage in complex tasks and form cooperative social groups. Science shows their cognitive abilities to be comparable to that of dogs and human toddlers,making the use of gestation crates tantamount to torture. They are often injured and driven insane by their confinement

Each year in Canada, more than 1 million sows are subjected to some of the cruelest farming practices yet devised by the agriculture industry. These unfortunate animals are intensively confined throughout their pregnancies in metal stalls so small that the sows are unable to turn around. These sensitive, intelligent animals are treated like piglet-producing machines on Canadian factory farms until they are no longer able to produce. - Humane Society International/Canada

If you ever want to eat pork again don't watch this video


  1. Eat Canadian certified organic meat, dairy, poultry products. They have minimum animal welfare standards based on animals being able to express natural behaviors.

  2. Hi,Madeleine Thanks for your comment plus your wonderful advice. Factory farming is not only extremely cruel to animals but is environmentally destructive and produces food that is unhealthy for us to consume.