From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NeoLiberalism and the inevitable pushback

What we are seeing in places like the Mid East,North Africa, Europe and even the States is the inevitable push back against NeoLiberalism . I say inevitable because NeoLiberal policies  are so ruinious for the vast majority of the people that eventually we reach a critical mass of  victims who feel that they have nothing left to lose, for many worldwide that time is now.

To date here in Canada we have been able to delude ourselves into believing that we are somehow magically immune from the forces that are creating so much unrest elsewhere.However it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain this fiction, especially with governments at all levels embracing the austerity movement.

With austerity we will be told that we have to sacrifice even deeper than we have already have, while governments continue to offer corporations and the richest among us ever greater tax breaks, tax breaks that as has been proven time and time again do not create jobs, never have, never will. While we suffer Harper will also reward the corporations with with our tax dollars by building prisons buying jets even the Americans say are overpriced and as he lays off tens of thousands of civil servants he will quietly replace them at greater cost

So as it is everywhere else the push back will come to our shores eventually and the kicker is that all those security measures many have supported will be turned back against all of us. And don't think for a moment that authourities won't resort to the type of violent response that we have seen overseas, as we have seen at APEC,Summit of the Americas and the G20 our police forces have and will respond with violence towards peaceful citizens.Violence that will be visited upon us all including the many who cheered it on in the past.

One more thing to ponder is the aftermath of the G20. We now have thousands of cops from every region of Canada who are trained in the violent suppression of peaceful protest and they are extremly well armed what with all that taxpayer money that went into funding the purchase of weaponry such as water and sound cannons.

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