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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pushing a false meme

Today's Supreme Court ruling legitimizing the federal government's theft from public pension plans was bad enough, the labour movement didn't need Canada's major newspapers to pile on by pushing the false meme that this was all about greedy unions trying to gain a windfall from the public purse, when in fact they were merely doing what their members pay them to do, look after their interests.

Headline after headline cried a variation of Unions not entitled to $28 billion.

Toronto Star - Unions not entitled to $28B pension surplus, say Supreme Court

Ottawa Citizen -  PS unions not entitled to pension surplus: Supreme Court

Globe and Mail -  Supreme Court: Public service unions not entitled to $28-billion pension repayment 

MacLeans - Public service unions not entitled to $28B pension repayment, says Supreme Court

Anyways you get the drift. While the content of these stories go on the explain the details  reasonably well, headlines do much to form opinions thus they matter. They are the first thing one sees and sadly often the only thing many will see.  Editors know this which is why we often see sensational headlines that have little or no relevance to the actual content. A more accurate headline would read Public service employees lose bid to have $28b returned to their pension funds, but that doesn't serve the greedy unions meme..

The uniformity of these heds is striking, if one was of a conspiratorial bent you would think they were written by the same person.


  1. We need to stop referring to them as MSM and start calling them by their real name, the BSM.

    1. I'm assuming the B stands for Bullshit

    2. I stopped using the term MSM a long time ago, initially because it implied that we bloggers were somehow outside the mainstream. If I need a collective description now, it's usually "corporate media" or "establishment media" which work because both refer to the interests that the media are defending.

    3. Yes indeed Pogge I no longer use MSM for much the same reason, preferring the more accurate term corporate media. I would also argue bloggers and sites such as the Tyree and Rabble do a much better job of representing the mainstream anyways.

  2. Harper's words a time back, had me turn against him in a flash. Harper said. I AM the LAW. I MAKE the RULES. The words of a true Dictator. We went to war, so we wouldn't have, Fascism, Communism and Dictatorship in our country. Most Canadians believe, Harper cheated to win the election, with his robo-call scam. He is certainly trying to cheat his way out of his election fraud. Harper is depriving other politicians and Canadians, out of their rightful election wins and, Canadians are being cheated out of their votes. Harper has no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever.

    Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini grabbed control of their media, which absolutely comes first in every Dictatorship. They can't permit their dastardly deeds, getting out to the public. Their own propaganda machines, were a dire necessity. Then they grab control of everything, they get their hands on.

    Under Harper's reign of terror. Our Canadian Democracy is vanishing. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken from us. Our Human Rights are being eroded. Our Freedom of Speech is under attack. Harper hates his dastardly deeds found out, and posted on the internet. That's why Harper does his plotting behind closed doors. Everything is a secret in Harperland. Harper is every bit as much a control freak, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were. No-one is permitted to say or do anything. Everything must go through Harper first.

    Expect nothing other than, the worst from Harper....You won't go far wrong, by doing so.

    1. Harper like all fervent neo-liberal has nothing but disdain for openness and democracy for their agenda is so opposed to the common good that they could never realize their nirvana through democratic means