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Friday, March 9, 2012

Democracy is now out of order in Harper's Canada

Harper toady House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer  this past week ruled opposition questions about robocon out of order, saying that all questions "have to touch on the administrative responsibilities of government not political financing,". WTF, excuse me but how a government and in fact any political party behaves before, during or after a general election does impact on the administrative responsibilities of government. Accepting Scheer's rulings on this matter would be tantamount to saying that parliament is no place to explore whether or not a party, let alone the governing one cheated during an election.

Coupled with his recent rulings that the Conservative campaign of lies against Irwin Cotler in his riding were not a breach of Cotler's parliamentary privilege despite the Cons admitting guilt while finding Vic Toews' privilege was violated by Anonymous even though they have no standing in parliament shows Sheer to be wholly unfit for the supposedly nonpartisan role of Speaker.

I would call for his ouster if I thought for a moment that the Conservatives would even entertain such a call but since they are quite likely very pleased with the job Scheer is doing for the party I know that would be a waste of time.


  1. Unfortunately non-partisan to a con means your either a con or not a con. A con or a child molester. A con or a radical terrorist. A con or ... Whoever your god is, please pray to them to save us all...

  2. Yes UGoddaBKidN to todays conservative partisanship is akin to religion and all things holy