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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Premier Dad Shows His Abusive Side

McGuinty likes to play the compassionate leader role, unfortunately for those most in need of compassion and assistance that's all it is, a role to be played.
 I'm often taken to task for saying that when it comes to looking after those in need very little separates McGuinty from Mike Harris with the only substantive difference being the rhetoric they use.
While Premier Dad likes to tell us how much he cares for the poor and understands their plight, the facts tell a much different story.

Those who receive social assistance in Ontario thanks to a meager 1% raise in benefits last year and this years freeze are now 5.5% worse off adjusted for inflation than when Harris left office But it is much worse than that for the children of Ontario as Hugh Mackenzie  an economist and research associate with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives points out The government claims it continues to meet its previous commitments. That is not true. It has clearly abandoned its child poverty reduction strategy. Child benefits increases are delayed. Social assistance benefits are frozen. And buried in the details of “expense management measures”, social assistance recipients will lose nearly $100 million in housing and other assistance. This after killing the food supplement program that allowed some to consume a healthier diet.

The budget also trots out the phrases efficiency and restructuring in regard to the already underfunded Childrens Aid Society and other programs that look after developmentally challenged adults and children, and we all know that invariably those phrases are code for cutbacks.
 Add in the fact that there is no mention of child care in this budget and with an average of more than 150,000 kids relying on food banks in this province every month it becomes plain to see that Premier Dad is an abusive parent.

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