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Friday, April 6, 2012

Welcome to the Corporate Confederation of Canada

“We could continue with this incremental approach to backlog reduction and eventually by about 2018 we would get to a working inventory. By returning these applications now we’ll get to the working inventory in about 18 months’ time,” Jason Kenney

 That was Kenney's explanation from a Globe article for arbitrarily dumping thousands from the immigration waiting list. His use of the term inventory is entirely appropriate in this context given his plans to hand over control of our immigration system to corporations most of which are foreign,talk about foreign influences. That's right our (ahem) government is intent on giving corporations the power to decide who gets in and who doesn't.

“Employers are going to do a much better job at selection than a passive bureaucracy,” he said, “because they can’t afford to recruit people to come to Canada who can’t work at their skill level on arrival.”

Will new immigrants arriving on our shores now have to pass under the Golden Arches? Will China now have a say on who gets to become a Canadian? Will we ever wake up to this ever increasing corporatisation of every aspect of our society?

Being Kenney he couldn't resist  tossing in a little (OK not so little) racism  for good measure

“I'm not saying that wearing a niqab is barbaric. I am saying that the whole citizenship process is an opportunity for us to instill in people a sense of Canadian – read broadly, western liberal democratic – values, including the equality of men and women,” he said. “And I think most of us would regard a … tribal practice forcing women to cover their faces illiberal.”
So there you have it Welcome to the Corporate Confederation of Canada


  1. I am appalled when I hear about the new measures in the area of immigration. How can they change the rules so late in the game? Don’t they realize that those who have been in the backlog for a longer period of time may have lost their qualification in the meantime? Who will compensate all those people who have just been deceived by the government? It’s sad that after so many years of experience we are still not able to put a halt to these discriminatory tendencies in our immigration policy. If we want the successful immigration system to remain among Canada’s tops the measures in this particular area shouldn’t discriminate against any of the groups of people coming to live in the country.

  2. Hi Sarah, Yes dumping these people from the queue is unjust and will surely cause other skilled professionals to think twice when choose a country to emigrate to.

  3. Must not leave unmentioned, the fact that a bunch of "newly immigrated" folk would be beholding to vote (once they were eligible)for whoever the CORPORATION tells them to...else deportation enters the framework. I know of a few outfits in the hospitality industry that sponsor would-be immigrants on two year working contracts...needless to speak of the abuse...
    This is only one issue the CPC is pushing to hand over to corporate handlers - hence the birth of and importance of "Occupy"...

  4. UGoddaBKidN Much of this is already happening with the cons massive expansion of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. If a worker stands up for hers/his rights they are almost immediately deported rendering them nothing but slaves to be used and abused as such.

  5. Do u trust corporatns to manage issues of national interest like banking or health? How about immigration?
    This policy is a disaster in the making.