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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Am I wrong to feel this way

On Monday we finally get the ruling in Rob Ford's conflict of interest court case. What is not in dispute is his guilt, Ford clearly broke the rules when he participated in and voted on a matter with direct financial interest to himself. What is open to debate however is the penalty to be imposed.

The judge can either levy no punishment; remove him from office; or remove him from office and ban him from seeking re-election for up to seven years. Given that it is my belief that Ford didn't commit this conflict out of malice but instead incompetence and the dangerous precedent of a court removing a fairly elected mayor from office, I initially felt the appropriate ruling would levy an admonishment but no penalty.

However with each passing revelation of serious conflict, of incompetence, of his propensity to embarrass the city and his obvious disinterest in actually doing the hard work required of a mayor of Canada's largest and most diverse city I find myself hoping beyond hope that he receives the most severe penalty available.

It is time to end this nightmare by whatever means necessary before irreparable harm is done to Toronto and it's people  We can deal with the fallout from that later.

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