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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear CFIA, You might just be doing it wrong

Today it was mixed nuts recalled for potential Salmonella contamination, last week the recall de jour was meatless burgers recalled for the potential presence of listeria and of course as we are all aware there is the ongoing XL saga.

Now I'm sure the CFIA and the Harper government would say these recalls are a sign that the system is functioning just fine, however I'd hazard a guess that most Canadians see these recalls for the failures they are. A properly functioning food inspection system would flag these tainted items long before they reach the store shelves and certainly not as has happened on occasion long after their expiry date.

 One of the basic functions of government is to ensure that the food we eat is safe, Harper Inc has failed us miserably, I guess that's what we get for electing a government that doesn't believe in government.

Knowing that our entire food chain is unsafe certainly takes much of the joy out of one of life's great pleasures. For that alone Harper Inc should rot in hell.


  1. I read articles on the web and some I 'bookmark' so I can go back & refer to them later. I keep most in folders.. like 'sports' or news' .. some articles make it to more specifically named folders. Some make it to multiple bookmark folders. This recent article of your makes it into 4 folders.. which is extremely rare but... so in it goes to my 'general re-read folder', my Conservative dirt folder November 2012, my 'moving oil' folder .. and my top line 'read again for action' or 'link to Facebook' folder.

    Let me explain .. CFIA is up to its eyeballs in .. and careers are in doubt re the great salmon scandals on both coasts of Canada. As the conspiracy of obstruction, incompetence, malfeasance and ignorance is peeled open we wonder where or why CFIA colluded with Fisheries and Oceans, provincial governments, Norwegian corporations and the PMO .. yes.. the Prime Minister's Office. After all, we know its not Keith Ashfield calling the DFO shots.. just as its not Peter Kent running Environment or Joe Oliver running 'Resources'

    More and more, any article that includes failures by CFIA go into the various folders. I do buy and consume meat.. and I eat sushi, nuts and various dairy products like milk or cheese.. honey.. so CFIA sits atop my personal food chain with what I foolishly thought was a golden caring halo.

    For your reference, a recent article about those who's health has been affected by asbestos exposure also hit 4 of my folders. When the federal Minister of Health suggested a hospitalized citizen would be better served by directing their health concerns to the federal Minister of Resources.

    CFIA is now hitting all my alarm bells. Or as some would fashionably say.. crossing red lines. Salmon, beef, dairy ? organics ? genetically altered grains ? alcohol ? Is this another runaway, out of order federal organization with a 'heading for the Rapture' leader that reports to Ottawa.. or is told by Ottawa how to function or fail.. or order glossy TV ads with cows munching green grass, leaping salmon, smiling Indians.

    CFIA is so hopelessly trapped and wrapped in its own or Stephen Harper's infected salmon and sea lice obstruction/denial pants on fire scandal, that the infected beef and other issues are simply like concrete boots, belts, clothing.. unsuitable for sailing or walking away.. The bizarre encumbering incriminating cement ensemble seems to come with a bag to put over department or ministerial heads. Not sure if that's to avoid seeing the nakedness of the Emperor - PM, the errors/damage of mismanagement, or to hide public servant faces from media when they are leaving the court house.. or legislature.

  2. Damn, You give good comment.

    Every watchdog in the land knows that under Harper Inc. to do your job is career suicide. There are but a handful brave enough to stand up to the prick, the rest have decided they like the paycheque thank you very much.