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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Umm Mr.Mayor, I thought you were opposed to tolls

Rob Ford has gone on the record opposing tolls time and again this time telling Premier Wynne that he is ‘adamantly’ so but here's the thing he isn't opposed to all forms of tolls, just those imposed on motorists.

More than two and half million times a day a certain group of commuters are levied a toll in the city of Toronto, like motorists these folks pay taxes that help pay for the infrastructure and programs that are necessary for the city to function. Unlike motorists this group of commuters does little to contribute to gridlock and pollution  in fact they do much to help alleviate these serious issues.

We call these folks TTC riders.

So I ask you Mr.Mayor, When will you be removing these tolls on commuters that you say you are so ‘adamantly’ opposed to. Oh wait..... silly me I forgot you are the Car Mayor. Carry on.

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