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Saturday, March 30, 2013

So how is Harper's peace and prosperity deal with Honduran coup leaders working out?

Great if you are a palm oil plantation owner or Canadian business there but for the rest not so much

On Friday August 12,2011, while on a state visit to Honduras,the first by any leader since the coup, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the signing of a free trade deal with the Lobos government.

Harper went on to criticize Canadians who raised  objections to this trade deal as mere protectionists not concerned by human rights. He went on to say that free trade is the best instrument to bring about improvement in human rights , peace and prosperity.

Of course as with everything  he says the opposite is true. Honduras is one of the most violent societies on the planet , one where the regime's political opponents, members of the media and poor farmers are murdered with impunity.

In fact today Honduras is the most dangerous place on earth to be a journalist.

 Before watching this video know that Canada funds and trains the national police force and our military trains alongside Honduras' military.

Hundreds Killed in Honduras Jail Fire Shows Post-Coup Impunity


  1. Like everything else in the policy-making tool chest of the Harper regime, Kev, this deal with Honduras is obviously devoid of any moral or ethical considerations.

    1. But thars gold in them thar hills not to mention Canadian tourism industry land grabs and Canadian owned sweat shops to keep us in cheap socks.