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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Fix Is In #G20

That is the inescapable conclusion in yesterdays ruling exonerating Const. Ryan Simpson of illegally detaining Nicholas Wright.

 Retired judge Walter Gonet makes it clear with his ruling exactly why Chief Blair appointed him in the first place, Gonet is clearly a police friendly arbiter.

Gonet ruled that Simpson after feeling a metal container in Wrights backpack was reasonable in cuffing him and placing him in the back seat of his cruiser while he searched Wright's backpack. He further ruled that none of this constituted an arrest.

I see at least two issues here one is, if this doesn't equal an arrest then what does, also secondly and more importantly there is no evidence now or at the time that Wright was engaged in anything criminal so one needs to ask what right did Simpson have to stop question detain and search Wright in the first place.

What Gonet wishes us to accept is that the police have the right to do these things to every one of us, all that is needed is to manufacture the fear of some nebulous future threat.

If this is an example of what to expect we may as well dispense with any notion of finding any measure of justice in the other 30 or so cases to come before Gonet


  1. As so many other things currently transpiring, Kev, the situation bespeaks a failure of those in positions of trust and responsibility. The unwillingness of the judiciary to apply basic common sense to this situation is yet another reason to despair of the courts and their 'wisdom.'

    1. It's not difficult to connect the dots her,e Blair was under public pressure to do something but he couldn't risk losing his troops, problem solved