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Friday, March 21, 2014

Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any worse

Every time I think the Conservatives have sunk as low as possible, they go and prove me wrong. Trust me that will never happen again, I'm done underestimating their ability to plumb new depths.

We find today that the Harper Conservatives are refusing to release documents pertaining to it's (Un) Fair Elections Act, releasing but three heavily redacted pages of a 199 page file, going so far as blacking out most of the table of contents.

In an unusual move, the Privy Council Office has refused to release all but three pages of a 199-page transition binder prepared for Poilievre when he assumed his cabinet post in July 2013.

Citing cabinet confidence, the department also heavily censored the three pages they released, including a table of contents with most of the contents blacked out.

The Privy Council Office has now promised to release the briefing book — but not for another two decades, after the cabinet confidences exclusion expires.
That's right see you in 20 years, unless of course the Conservatives remain the ruling party then we may never know what machinations went on behind the closed doors of Party Central.


  1. May all cons get their just reward at the ballot box.

  2. Nonsense. It was just a binder full of women, hot chicks who wanted Petey "Poutine" Poilièvre to call them for a good time.

    The Pervy Council blacked out their names and information to protect their privacy, doncha know?!

  3. Seriously though, THAT binder would have likely been a prank to punk Petey PP, concocted by Maxime Bernier. All the phone numbers would have been to biker bars or evangelical churches and the photos + profiles lifted from p0rn sites.