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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Democracy be damned

"They say they told Olivier if he remained a good Liberal,..."

That is the defence offered up by the Ontario Liberal party in light of allegations they offered now former Liberal candidate  Andrew Olivier a posting after they all but forced him to not run for the nomination in the upcoming Sudbury by-election.

An offer by the way that if true would constitute a crime. While the party's characterization may possibly satisfy the law it most certainly shouldn't satisfy voters of any stripe.
Play along and you "could have a bright future with the party".is exactly what is wrong with politics today, missing in this sorted affair is any notion of serving the public or democracy, The only calculation is what serves the leaders office. Note I didn't say the party because even that comes second in this cynical game.

When asked if appointing Thibeault was so important it justified upsetting so many people, Wynne said yes. It “obviously” wasn’t her intent to hurt them, but it was vital a candidate with Thibeault’s strengths be appointed. There was the suggestion Liberal members wouldn’t have got it right had they been left to choose.
The premier now wants us all to hold hands, sing Kumbaya and get on with the important work of getting Thibeault elected. She insists no cabinet position was promised Thibeault, nor did he ask for one.
One would like to accept the premier at her word. But if we’ve all learned one thing in the last two weeks, it’s that in politics, people might not be lying, but it doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth.

We often highlight Harper's transgressions in this regard and while he is certainly the worst offender he is far from the only one.

As an added insult to the people of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and democracy Wynne's hand picked candidate NDP MP Glenn Thibeault sat in on a strategy session with leader Tom Mulcair a mere two days before declaring himself as  the Liberal candidate.

Some I know call for an end to the party system, a notion I haven't yet come to support but one that looks more and more attractive with each passing day

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