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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quelle surprise: Condos coming to Ontario Place

The John Tory led panel looking into the future of Ontario Place has released its report and surprise,surprise it recommends the privatisation of one of the best public spaces Toronto has ever known.

Ontario Place should be transformed into a multi-use site that includes an entertainment complex, park land, retail shopping, offices and residential space, a panel recommends. 

In his final report unveiled on Thursday at Queen's Park, Mr. Tory said the future of the waterfront site hinges on transforming it into a multi-use venue that that includes the private sector playing a major role.
The future of Ontario Place will be limited if it continues to be publicly operated, Mr. Tory said.

Kinda sounds like Doug Fords vision for the waterfront doesn't it

 This is how the neo-liberals roll folks, first they commission an "independent" report that inevitably recommends the privatisation of public assets,then using said report as cover the government carries out its recommendations which of course is exactly what they had planned all along.


  1. Notice how these panels rarely include a public consultation process? Winnipeg under Sam Katz' leadership is introducing one privatisation scheme after another. One project was foiled when the developer interested in building a water park and hotel at the historic Forks site refused to provide the Council its blueprints and other planning documents. The group walked away in a snit because they thought the request was too onerous.

    1. Consulting the public is messy and gets in the way of the desired predetermined outcome. In this case I am hoping for a strong public backlash to derail this scheme,alas, I hold out little hope