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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When statistics don't matter

Statistics Canada released the latest figures on crime in Canada today and the news is good, both the crime rate and the severity index are down, in fact crime is at its lowest point since 1972.

The amount of crime, including violent crime, reported by Canadians dropped again last year, falling to the lowest level since 1972, though there were increases in homicides and the sexual targeting of children.
Numbers released Tuesday by Statistics Canada show that the “crime severity index,” a way of weighting offences, was down by 26 per cent in 2011 compared to a decade earlier.

 Alas as my near daily shall we say discussions with my workmates has demonstrated to me the belief that the opposite is true, egged on of course by the corporate media and demagoguing
politicians such as Ford and Harper, has taken hold of a significant proportion of the population. One can quote all the stats you want to them nothing will shake this belief, hence the tough on crime agenda will carry on unabated and the hug a thug programs will continue to be cut until we turn this thing around and crime really does begin to increase once more.


  1. hi Kev...I blame the MSM for playing into the hands of the right-wing demagogues. Even the CBC fills its airwaves with one crime story after the other. First comes the crime, then comes the mourn porn, and never do they ever remind viewers that crime is going down. As a result I know some seniors who are scared to go out, even though they live in one of the safest neighbourhoods in the world. Oh yeah, I forgot. If I ever hear another person say " who knew it could happen here?" I think I'll scream... ;)

    1. Hi Simon Absolutely. I had this driven home to me a few years ago while visiting my family for xmas. There was a couple murders in Toronto, stories about these murders played on a loop for days finally someone quipped to me "How many damn murders do you guys have down there" Mission accomplished

    2. Ah, c'mon Simon. They have to report the heck of out of crime and celebrities . . . what d'you expect them to do--report the news?! If they started telling everyone what was really going on the revolution would be on in weeks.

  2. The only number harpo and his Cons care about have a $ before them.