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Monday, January 20, 2014

The curiously incurious media

There have been many examples of  the inexplicable incuriosity on the part of the media, but none more so than the guest list on Harper's flight to Israel.

Many on twitter have taken up the task of pouring over the list supplied us from David Akin sousing out the affiliations and identities of those on board. On it we find;

  • The president (and spouse)  of Harper's church
  • Ezra Levant's father
  • Anti gay evangelicals
  • One with possible links to neo nazis
The list goes on.

If ordinary Canadians can ask these questions and find the answers, one must ask why the silence from the media? Are the details too inconvenient to their bosses?  Are they afraid of losing their precious access to power? ( although one must ask how much of that actually exists today).

Or are they merely an incurious lot content to earn their living reporting on gossip and inanities.


  1. hi Kev...I'm not easily stunned. I got kicked in the head too many times. ;) But this left me staring at the screen in disbelief. As you know I've always thought the Harperites were bad people, but this is beyond belief. I suspect the MSM doesn't dare expose this outrage because they're afraid of being called anti-semites. Let's give them another day to see if that changes. In the meantime, congratulations to you and your Twitter posse, and BCL and all the others for exposing that caravan of evil. And for opening my eyes wider. Just when I think I'm so clever, I realize I know nothing.
    Now let's go and get those bastards !!!!! :)

    1. Hi Simon It's never been clearer that we need to be our own media