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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The wrong person was punished

Dr. Roland Wong colloquially known as the Robin Hood doctor has had his license to practice suspended for six months and fined more than $60,000. His crime?

Well you see he thought his patients on social assistance required a healthy diet to thrive so he made liberal use of Ontario's dietary supplement program for those on social assistance, this is apparently a crime these days. Had the good doctor the sense to ignore his patients nutritional needs he would have been just fine, however, he was foolish enough to take his Hippocratic oath seriously.

Social assistance rates were slashed by 22% in the nineties by Mike Harris and Tim Hudak with these cuts later consolidated by the McGuinty lead Ontario Liberals. In fact today recipients are worse off than they were when Harris exited the scene, eventually become a senior fellow at the Fraser institute. 

These are the people that need to be punished, not the good doctor who did the right and proper thing by insuring the best he could that his patients could consume a healthier diet.  If successive governments hadn't decided poverty needed to be punished as opposed to eliminated Dr. Wong would not have needed to stretch the rules as he did.

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