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Thursday, January 23, 2014

They got mail, Boy did they get mail

Harper Inc. since coming to power has busied itself attempting to remake Canada in it's mean spirited, uncaring image, well in a case of even the best laid plans sometimes fail...

The Conservatives were deluged with mail receiving more than a thousand letters over it's stance against Palestine's bid for statehood at the U.N. The vast majority of them in opposition to their opposition. Some going so far as to say that they will not vote for the Conservatives again (ah music to my ears).

 More than 80 per cent of the correspondence expressed clear opposition to the Conservative government’s own vocal attempts to block the Palestinian bid for greater recognition at the UN
A small sampling:

  • “I no longer consider myself a PC voter at the federal level,” the writer told Menzies. “I will not be voting PC next election!!!”
  • In a handwritten note, Harper was asked if he had ever travelled without a delegation “to the Palestine occupied area of Israel?” The woman, who said she travelled there with husband in 2010, found “deplorable” living conditions. She (sic) Canada should be standing up for the “underprivileged.”
  •  “Shameful – shameful – shameful. What a disgusting Canadian you are, making us all ashamed of your biased and hypocritical position,” one writer told Baird the day before his UN speech

To say this lifts my spirits would be an understatement. Too often we see the haters as having an outsized influence on Canada, we should be mindful that they are the minority. One that cannot and must not be ignored but the minority all the same.


  1. While Steve was busy being Bibi's useful idiot and labelling any criticism of Israel the new anti-Semitism, this was airing on the telly in Israel at the same time:

    Boycott goes prime-time in Israel

    "Israel's number-one news show runs a lengthy piece on the growing [BDS] movement – and blames it not on anti-Semitism or Israel-bashing, but on settlements.
    Sixteen minutes of prime time on Israel’s all-popular TV news show on Saturday night, the end of the week in this country. Bracing stuff. A wrench thrown into the national denial machine – and by Channel 2. Definitely a sign of progress – and of life. Another reminder of why this country is worth fighting for – which, for many of us Israeli boycott-supporters, if not necessarily most of us, is what the boycott, strange as it may sound, is all about."

    1. Thanks Alison It's heartening to see the boycott is having an effect in real terms sadly though it is even more evidence of the extent to which Harper continues to isolate us from the rest of the world.