From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Times are tough, people are hurting, overwhelmed by stagnating even declining incomes. Drowning in debt loads that threaten to swamp them at any moment and fascists like Harper know all too well how to exploit this pain.

 History shows us that it is times likes this that are the breeding ground for hatred and fascism. Peaple are justifiably angry and fearful , emotions bred in no small part by the policies imposed on us by the likes of Harper.

Emotions he is all to willing to exploit for his own benefit thus we see a Canada that could go either way. We could give into this fear and allow the Harper's of this world to continue to strip our humanity from us or we can  stiffen our spines and say no effin way.

I know which one I choose. Lets direct our anger at the true culprits, the ones whose policies have taken us here. We don't have to accept the lot that those who serve the ruling elite have designated for us.

Lets put the boot to those like Harper who would subjugate us, have us fearful of each other and to hate.

Hatred is a prison of our own making one which can only get more oppressive but one that is easily destroyed simply by rejecting calls to hatred by our so called leaders.

We can either allow our fears to control us or we can use our pain constructively to effect real change, to turn this thing around in our favour.

The one thing fascists understand the most is the power of the people. It is why they seek to control our thoughts and actions. It is this power that they fear the most. They know that we can turf them at our will if only we are willing to exercise our might.

I say lets make their fears come true for a change.


  1. What makes harper's narrative so disgusting is that he is a far greater danger to Canadians than any terrorist.

    That such a deadly menace can even think of attempting the diversion you're describing is a total travesty.

    1. An ancient strategy, one tried and tested through the ages Sadly it all too often succeeds