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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Crusade: Sun Media versus the CBC pt ll

As of the first September,2007 the CBC along with some other Crown corporations, was made subject to the Access to Information Act, within a matter of months of this date Sun Media, a division of Quebecor,itself a competitor of the CBC's french arm in Quebec had filed some 400 Freedom of Information requests.

Given that Sun Media has gone a crusade against the public broadcaster, going so far as to force every paper in it's chain to print word for word the same editorial attacking the CBC  and devoting much of their print, broadcast and online resources to said crusade, it wouldn't surprise me if that number has since grown exponentially.

Talk about a waste of taxpayers money!. Money that could have been used to promote Canada and it's many talents is instead devoted to dealing with a flood of FOIs from a competitor.Now that's not to say that Mother corp shouldn't be accountable for the funding that we provide her, of course she should.

So where has our government been on this issue,sitting in the peanut gallery, sniping from the sidelines,thats where.The most secretive and obstructionist government the history of our nation has the gall to chastise the CBC for not acting fast enough in honouring these FOI's. Given the close relationship between Quebecor's president and CEO Peladeau and the PMO it is quite possible that they are working inconjunction with one another to discredit the CBC.

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