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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pearson's 5 Yrs of Minority Government

This being the fifth year of Harper's rule over Canada, I thought now would be a good time to look back on what Lester B Pearson was able to accomplish in his five years of minority government.

Like Harper, Pearson changed  Canada  in profound ways, unlike Harper he did so for the better. Among the many positive initiatives enacted By Pearson are the following

Canada-United States Automotive Agreement
Universal health care
Canada Pension Plan
Canada Student Loans
TheMaple Leaf flag
40-hour work week
Two weeks vacation

In addition to all that he resisted pressure from the US to join the Vietnam war as well as creating Royal Commissions on the staus of women and bilingualism,tabled the White Paper on Defense and enacted the The Canadian Forces Reorganization Act. Under his watch our immigration system was overhauled, eliminating discriminatory practices, opening our doors to the world regardless of race or religion.

Given Harper's fear mongering on the issue of a Liberal/NDP coalition it should be mentioned that none of this would likely have occurred without the assistance of the NDP and their leader Tommy Douglas. So if these are the results of a Liberal/ NDP coalition,I say bring it on!

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