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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ibrahim al-Qosi's Sentence Reduced to Two Years

Ibrahim al-Qosi
Under a plea agreement bin Laden's cook, Ibrahim al-Qosi has seen his sentence reduced to two years from it's original fourteen in a deal that will allow him to go home to the Sudan, where he will enter a rehabilitation program and would be monitored to make sure he stays away from radicals.

This is yet another face saving measure on behalf of the Americans,who have held him in Guantanamo since 2002 despite the fact that there is no evidence that he committed any acts of violence,in fact none has even been alleged for that matter.

Allowing al-Qosi to go home at this time does nothing to erase the America's legacy of human rights abuses, torture and duplicity in their trumped up war on terror. In fact it just helps to bring their guilt as well as ours into further focus. Ours because of our government's complicity in the torture and illegal confinement of Omar Khadr.

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