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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Secret Trial of Hassan Diab

Hassan Diab, a Canadian citizen has been fighting extradition to France since 2007. The French compiled a case against him based on secret intelligence said to be of German and Israeli sources. Handwriting and fingerprint analysis of Diab and the evidence  do not match,yet that may not be enough to save him from being extradited to France to face trial on terrorism charges. Clearly we have learned nothing from the Leonard Peltier debacle, where falsified evidence was presented to Canadian authorities in support of his extradition the the US

"In 1999, Queen's Bench Justice Steel wrote, quote, evidence at an extradition hearing should be accepted even if the judge feels it is manifestly unreliable, incomplete, false, misleading, contradictory of other evidence, or the judges feel the witness may have perjured themselves."

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