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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sorry World, You're SOL

A study released by the Pew Environment Group shows Canada's boreal forest contains more unfrozen freshwater than any other ecosystem, totaling more than 197 million acres of surface freshwater. Canada's boreal forest contains one quarter of the planet's wetlands, half the world's lakes larger than one square kilometer in size, five of the 50 largest rivers and the single largest remaining unpolluted fresh water body, Great Bear Lake.

From the report: A Forest of Blue

Seen from above, Canada’s boreal forest shimmers on a bright summer day. Much of the surface of Canada’s boreal is comprised of countless lakes, rivers and wetlands. It is literally a forest of blue.

Saving Canada’s boreal forest is increasingly viewed as a global conservation priority. But until recently, the water resources of the boreal have garnered scant attention.

Stretching across the continent, Canada’s boreal is the most intact forest remaining on earth. It provides a vital bulwark against the global loss of biodiversity, irreplaceable food and cultural benefits to rural communities, and slows the impacts of global warming. These ecosystem services have an estimated $700 billion annual value,.

Canada’s boreal contains 25 percent of the world’s wetlands and more surface water than any other continental-scale landscape. The extensive undammed rivers of the boreal serve as last refuges for many of the world’s sea-run migratory fish, including half of the remaining populations of North American Atlantic salmon.

 Canada’s boreal waters also influence global climate. The wetlands and peatlands store an estimated 147 billion tonnes of carbon, more than 25 years worth of current man-made emissions, and the delta of the Mackenzie River alone stores 41 billion tonnes. The input of fresh water from boreal rivers to the Arctic and other northern seas is critical to forming sea ice, which cools the atmosphere and provides the basis for much of arctic marine biodiversity.

Unfortunately, Canada’s boreal forest is increasingly affected by large-scale industrial activities. The rapidly expanding development footprint already includes 728,000 km² (180 million acres) impacted by forestry, road building, mining, oil and gas extraction, and hydropower.

 Sorry world but you're shit outta luck, Canada is the national equivalent of  a cathouse,we're always open for business. We take this" drawers of water and hewers of wood" thing very seriously, it is our designated role in the Corptocracy. As long a there is one speck of tar sand left or one tiny little flake of some mineral remaining we will continue to  rape and pillage the land until every tree is gone  and every drop of water is poisoned and used up.


  1. Give Harpo & Co. enough time and I am sure they will figure out a way to allow multinational resource extraction companies to rape what is left of our ecosystem beyond repair!

  2. Water is as vital to life as the air we breathe,treating it as just another commodity, something to profit from, something disposable is a crime against humanity.

    Thus Harper is squarely in favour of it, for nothing gives him wood quite like committing a crime against humanity, how else to be remembered for all eternity.