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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Slaying that monster called Hunger

At the risk of sounding redundant here is yet another post on hunger.

Hunger in Canada is a huge and growing problem,sadly it is also one that is being all but ignored.More than 750,000 Canadians use food banks every month in this country. Hunger isn't confined just to urban ghettos as many believe,rural and northern Canadians are every bit as effected by hunger as anyone.Half of the food banks that participated in HungerCount 2010 were located in rural communities, in the far north already exorbitant food prices have been exacerbated by the Harper regimes elimination of the Mail Subsidy Program

Another myth is that a job is a ticket out of hunger,not so,at 11.4% the third largest group of food bank clients in Canada are those with jobs.This is a rapidly growing trend as our economy is being steered towards lower paying unstable employment.

To our shame over half of households who turn to a food bank for assistance are families with children. Think about that for a moment... hundreds of thousands of children in this supposed land of plenty are going hungry.

A real family agenda would focus on the issue of hunger instead Harper offers billions in tax breaks for the wealthiest families, while offering nothing for the poorest,mostly single parent families, 80% of which are headed by women. Just think of what that 2.5 billion could accomplish if directed towards reducing poverty and hunger, add in a portion of that 6 billion in corporate tax cuts and who knows maybe just maybe we can finally slay that evil monster called Hunger


  1. A timely post & a good reminder that Jets, Jails, & Jerking off to corporate tax credits is a mugs game that does nothing for those in true need!

  2. FA you have a bluntness that gets right to the heart of an issue ,keep at it

    It is time we put food banks out of business. Not like we can't afford to,because we can. In fact we can't afford not to.