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Saturday, January 14, 2012

What to do when the Minister is a moron?

Well if one works for a Conservative cabinet minister you attempt to hide the evidence that's what. As Jorge Barrera over at APTN National News tells us that is precisely what officials at Aboriginal Affairs planned to do in response to one of John Duncan's idiotic utterances re Residential Schools last year.

The internal government documents also show a communications manager wanted to delete those emails, which discussed the department’s plan on dealing with fallout from controversial comments Minister John Duncan made about Indian residential schools.

Hmm It seems our government has a fetish for destroying and sometimes altering documents and data which it finds inconvenient. There outta be a law..oh wait there is one ,well kinda one anyways

 “(The department’s) directive on electronic mail management requires employees to document decisions and decision making processes,” said the spokesperson in an emailed statement. “(The department) recommends saving business records to meet record keeping requirements and…deleting personal and transitory messages from the account as quickly as possible.”

h/t Greg at Accidental Deliberations

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