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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Conspiracy Theory

While it is good to finally know the identity of the coward  whose infamous boot is featured prominently in this iconic photo from the #G20 police riot in Toronto, it isn't even a good start. The ones we need in front of a judge are those who gave the orders to attack innocent civilians.

One thing that caught my eye in the report in this mornings Star was that Const. Oliver Simpson apart from being one of the officers that allegedly assaulted Adam Nobody was that he was one of the cops who were ,Ahem, disciplined for removing his name tag. Which brings me to my conspiracy theory.

The hundred or so cops who were found to have removed their name tags did so for the very same reason a bank robber wears a mask, to avoid being identified during the commission of a crime. Now it stretches the imagination beyond all limits to believe that each of these officers came to the decision to remove their name tags  independent of each other. So lets look at the definition of a criminal conspiracy

An agreement between two or more persons to commit an illegal or unlawful act, or to achieve a legal act but by illegal or unlawful means.

Comparing this definition of a criminal conspiracy to the actions of those officers who removed their name tags before assaulting and illegally detaining thousands of peaceful law abiding Canadians and the very real likelihood that they may have discussed doing so with each other, I have to ask why have they not been investigated for, and charged with conspiracy to commit an illegal act.


  1. And even if conspiracy can't be found, despite the officers without nametags all being from the Toronto Police, the nametag removal indicates premeditated intent.
    I know that seems too incredibly obvious to mention but some media reports treat it as just some kind of oversight.

  2. Hi Alison Absolutely. Putting aside the criminal element for a moment, employers take insubordination very seriously, paramilitary organizations even more so. The lack of meaningful sanction suggests that senior brass was fearful of something.