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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Other Omnibus Budget Bill #ONpoli

While all eyes are on Ottawa and the fight over Harper's anti democratic omnibus budget bill another battle is being raged here in Ontario against another eerily similar omnibus budget bill (Bill 55), the only substantial difference being unlike Harper McGuinty doesn't have a majority to enable him to ram it through the legislature. In a surprise move the PC's voted in favour of several NDP amendments to the bill (opposing is really all the Torys are capable of ) This of course has set McGuiny on the war path,threatening a snap  election and demanding ,yes demanding that the NDP support the bill in it's entirety without amendment.

Now with McGuinty's party currently in third place in the polls I wouldn't take his election threat too seriously, the PC's on the other hand...,and as for his demands of the NDP perhaps he needs to be reminded that his is a minority government.

“The budget bill must remain intact not only to fulfill our agreements, but more importantly, to provide the tools required to eliminate the deficit, grow the economy and create jobs,” said McGuinty. Sound familiar, it should that is almost exactly what Harper has been saying in defense of his antidemocratic bill.

  Like Harper`s omnibus among many other things McGuinty`s strips environmental regulations, gives cabinet extraordinary powers and seeks to neuter oversight..

That McGuinty and Harper should table remarkably similar legislation is not surprising at all as this is how the neo-liberals have won the day, by co-opting the natural governing parties in as many jurisdictions as possible. Merely switching from Liberal to PC/Conservative governments will not bring about change, we must explore other options.


  1. I'm no longer in Ontario but isn't it a minority government? Why are the NDP accepting this?

  2. This is the new "pragmatic" NDP eager to show the nabobs they are fit to govern

    Horwath:“My challenge is to turn the page of the NDP in Ontario,” she said. “I’ve tried to move away from a dogmatic clinging to ideology, to show I bring a different approach and set of standards.”