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Monday, November 26, 2012

#Gaza, What did Harper know and when did he know it?

It seems accepting his laughable World Statesman of the Year award  wasn't the only business Harper attended to while in New York back in September, he was also there according to an article appearing in today's Globe, to do Israel's bidding by reading Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas the riot act regarding the Palestinian's bid for non-member observer status at the UN.

 Eight weeks ago, when he was in New York to accept an award from a private organization, Mr. Harper took a drive across the city as countries assembled for the opening of the new session of the UN General Assembly to have a short, brusque meeting with Mr. Abbas.

In a little room at the United Nations, Mr. Harper skipped most of the pleasantries in a 15-minute meeting, according to sources briefed on the session, and told Mr. Abbas he had come to deliver a message: If you keep doing what you’re doing, he said – referring to the Palestinian bid for upgraded status – “there will be consequences.”

Which begs several questions. Firstly what did Harper mean by “there will be consequences.” Secondly, was Canada forewarned of the coming attack on Gaza and if so what was our government's reaction? Did Harper and company attempt to talk Netanyahu out of this draconian measure, did they merely shrug their shoulders or did they give Canada's blessing.

Thirdly, If Harper wasn't forewarned what does that say of our relationship with as Harper is fond of calling Israel "our greatest friend". Especially given the potential risk to Canadian troops and civil servants  serving in the West Bank, providing military and policing training to Fatah's security forces.

These are questions Canadians are owed answers to, but given our media's fealty to all things Harper, answers we are not likely to receive, unless of course the media was to take Purple Library Guy's  sage advice

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