From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My vote is for sale to the highest bidder

As I scan the federal political landscape I don't see any party that excites me and causes me to exclaim , hell yeah that's the party for me. Given that I have no real political home I feel I may as well put my vote to tender. I have but one condition for this tender and it is as follows.

The winning bidder must articulate a vision for Canada that lays out a grand project, one that will unite Canadians in a common purpose. This project must be imaginative in it's nature, put my fellow citizens back to work and restore our pride in this once noble land.

It is time to build not demolish, so with that said, let the bidding begin.

Yeah, yeah I know I'm dreaming in technicolour but what the hell someone has to, I'm sick of can't. Besides we all need a healthy dose of can right about now.


  1. I'll give you one dollar in Canadian funds plus 50% ownership of my vote. I only want 50% of your vote in return and I don't care where you live.

    My grand project is unite Canadians in defense of our environment. So that's our lands, our waters, our air .. our creatures and wildlife and people.. defend and protect them and their habitat, our habitat. We do this by looking after our own backyards first.. our neighborhoods then supporting other Canadians as they defend and protect their backyards and neighborhoods.

    We don't need fighter jets, trade agreements, prorogued governments or diluted bitumen to accomplish this. We just need one Canadian connecting to another Canadian.. exchanging one dollar and 50% of their votes. When a thousand Canadians agree to look after their backyard and 'vote-join' like this, we'll have inertia and progress. Maybe a newspaper or local TV station will be mildly interested. When we have 10,000 Canadians involved, maybe the Globe and Mail will notice.

    When we have 100,000 Canadians 'sharing' two votes the CBC will get a TV crew out. When we have 1 million shared votes and all those backyards looked after, this country's environment will be in the hands of its citizens.. and not in the pocket of a political party, petroleum companies or China.

    A committed, united Canadian block of 1 million votes blows Stephen Harper and his backroom cabin boyz with robo toys out of business. Since you started this idea.. you can sell the block of votes to a political party you trust with the future of Canada.. or suggest a new party be formed that's free of political animals, lobbyist jackals, evangelical louts, and can represent the needs and wishes of the voters in their ridings.. and protect the environment that we live in.

    1. Wow thanks for this I love it, and you're bang on any real change has to come from us, from the ground up. The pols can either join us or get left in the dust,their choice