From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dear Pedestrians, Please Stop hurting cars like this.

This carnage on our roads must stop,everyday on average six cars are traumatized by collisions with pedestrians in Toronto with yesterday being a particularly horrific one with nine cars struck down, seven in one forty-five minute orgy of carnage.

Police are advising cars to wear bright colours and be careful when crossing intersections. Although there is an element of blame the victim here this is sound advice. While the onus should be on pedestrians given their ability to cause the greater harm to look out for cars,autos must take some responsibility for their own safety.

To that end I propose that cars slow down,wear fluorescent orange paint and equip themselves with strobe lights. More importantly it would be advisable for cars to stop at every intersection look both ways and say a prayer before crossing an intersection on a green light.


  1. Hopefully, Kev, your words will go a long way in helping to end the senseless and costly carnage of that unalloyed societal good we call the automobile.